Hand in Hand is a movement that we've created that gives you all the opportunity to make a portion of the earnings of all of our products and services. There's absolutely no catch, we just feel like if you're helping us make a living it's only fair that we return the favour. Hand in Hand will never request any form of payment from you and only serves as a platform that anyone can utilize to make a few extra bucks. It's completely free to sign up, all you need to provide is your name and e-mail below and you will receive a custom code with further instructions on how to make the most out of this opportunity!


  1. Sign up below with your name and email to receive a custom code (ex. 'ABC123')

  2. Once a customer of 'Northside Nate' and affiliated brands uses your code, you will receive a credit based on the total order cost. (only for successful orders, not applicable for refunded or cancelled orders)

  3. Each customer that uses the code you provide will receive 10% off their total order cost as well.


  1. One of our team members is selling a product for $100 and is given a unique code (ex. 'ABC123') by the customer at the beginning of the order.

  2. A portion of that product price will go to the owner of the 'ABC123' code used. (10 Credits = $10) (upon successful completion of the order)

  3. 10% goes to the customer in the form of a discount. (bringing cost of customer's product down to $90)

  4. Team member is left with the resulting earnings of $80.

  5. Everybody gets a piece!


One credit is equal to (1) Canadian dollar.  A full breakdown of credit earnings will be provided on each payment date along with the payment.

I encourage all creators and business owners to think about offering a service similar to 'Hand in Hand' because there's more than enough to go around for everyone to make a comfortable living. Another benefit of this movement is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home and get paid using just the power of the internet! If you need further clarification on how this system works and why it's beneficial for you to take part in it, feel free to shoot us a message via the contact page and one of our team members would be more than happy to further explain.

Kind regards,


Northside Nate

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You can have your user information removed upon request simply by using the contact page and requesting your user information to be deleted (incl. email, name, custom code etc.) Hand in Hand is completely free, there are no sign up fees. We will never request any form of money/payment in order to continue this service. Hand in Hand is for everyone's benefit. The amount you earn is based on the amount of people that use your custom code. The larger your network, the larger your profits will be. The percentage of potential earnings and credit value is subject to change at any time. Payments will be sent out every Friday. The first payment will be made the following Friday of the week the order was completed. All transactions will be completed through PayPal.